Whiskey Wednesday: An Ode to Old Fashioneds



Fashion me old

fashion me rye,

and peel me an orange

lest my spirit run dry;


We’ll cheers to the bourbon

and cheers to the times,

for like that big goddamn ice cube

the summer melts by;


So here’s to you you old beverage

and here’s to your bitters,

it makes life more cherry,

and let no one say, with whiskey we were quitters.



One thought on “Whiskey Wednesday: An Ode to Old Fashioneds”


    Back when we got back to together, pass the struggles, when things got better. We talked like we used to do, we were proud to wear the Red & Blue. One for all and all for one… loving life and having fun. Nowhere else was better for us to be… it was You, Me and Hennessy.

    Calling out names from our past. Enjoying friendships that still last. We sat around the table, speaking on things that we have learned and things that we are about to see… it was You, Me and Hennessy.

    Tomorrow will be there, that we knew… though as we going along, we will lose a few. No one is promised another day, and that’s okay… we’vw learned to live our live’s in the better best of way. Knowing who we are and sharing our faith is always the key… it’s always been You, Me and Hennessy.

    When we rolled out at the end of the night, the sun had been gone long out of sight… we talked about gettig together before the next midnight. You bring the cups, I’ll bring some tea… and we’ll enjoy some more Hennessy.

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