Pairing Cigars with Experiences


In one of our recent discussions on Facebook I posed the following question:

What are some of the experiences that pair best with cigars?

I posed it because, far from being metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, there are certain activities that, when paired with a cigar, enhance both the smoke and the activity in a very direct way. In my opinion, this pairing works very similarly to the interplay between a fine smoke and a tasty whiskey, wine or cognac. Sometimes they exist distinctly, but when you find that perfect duo they come together to make the experience richer all around.

I proposed that some of my favorite activities while smoking were watching horror movies and playing chess. For me, a smoke intensifies my concentration nike fußballschuhe günstig during both of these experiences while also forcing me to slow down and relax. Many of our Facebook fans offered answers that similarly captivated and inspired me. I will share a few selections here, so that anyone who missed the discussion can enjoy these intriguing cigar and experience pairs.

Unsurprisingly, many of the pairings were based in camaraderie. James Wingenbach offered one such pairing of “A Graycliff Crystal Series and glass of Balvenie Craibbean Cask with some of my best friends by the fire pit.”

Sam Park offered a similar sentiment, offering the important differentiation between drink choices with his pairing suggestion of “Smoking with my buddy on a cruise. On deck and the cigar lounge. Beer on deck and scotch in the lounge.” Sounds good to us, Sam.

Of course, many of us enjoy some time alone with a cigar, enjoying the introspective nature of a quality smoking experience. Such a pairing was offered by Andrew Cigal, who enjoys, “Getting off watch and smoking a cigar off the fantail of my ship at night during a thunderstorm.” A chance to reflect on a hard days work and life in general? You bet.

Fan Paul Neely might even be taking it too far. He shared his experience of pairing a cigar while “Fishing. I almost went over a 6 foot water fall trying to keep an aristoff maduro lit.”

Many of our enlisted fans enjoy the bond of brotherhood over a fine cigar. We heard several such suggestions. Patrick Moran likes, “Sitting in the Senior Enlisted side of the club in Dubai, UAE, drinking a perfectly poured draft Guinness, smoking a fine Cuban with two shipmates from the USS Bunker Hill.”

Greg Natsch similarly shared, “Sitting around a campfire, having a drink and watching the fire. Having a smoke after hours in the field with Fussball hallenschuhe other troops. Sitting with my dog under the tree and relaxing. Watching the Searchers with my late Brother in Arms.”

Jarame Flores offered a pairing we had never heard of, and which we will have to try (though admittedly with some trepidation). His suggestion? “Having a cigar while sitting under the hot Afghanistan sun and having a Monster energy drink.”

All of these and more highlight the range of experiences that we believe can be enhanced with a good cigar, good company, and some time to ourselves to spend as we please. We hope all of you get a chance to enjoy these experiences or something similar soon. And please, share with us when you do!

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