My Cigar Smell Removal Routine


I’m not gonna lie: if you can’t stand the smell of cigars, you’re probably in the wrong hobby. While a number of products exist to get rid of smell or dissipate smoke, the fact remains that the smell is a necessary component of the experience and nothing will completely get rid of it.

However, many of us have friends or significant others who truly hate the smell of cigars on clothes, hair, etc. when we want to enjoy a cigar camisetas de futbol baratas and then hang out with these people, problems can arise. I am going to share with you the best method of cigar smell removal that I have yet found:

1. Brush teeth with a strong mint toothpaste, I find the kind infused with Scope is quite effective.

2. Rinse mouth with mouthwash of choice (not the teeth whitening kind).

3. Get hot water going in shower.

4. Wash your body with a liquid body wash. HERE IS THE KICKER! You should use a loofah. This will remove way more dead skin cells, and by extension cigar smell, than wash cloths or just washing with hands. Make sure to focus on cigar smell problem areas: the hand that held the cigar, the lips, cheeks, neck and ears.

5. Wash hair thoroughly with a dandruff removal shampoo. This doesn’t matter as much, but seems to get more smell off of hair than other shampoos.

6. Get out of shower.

7. Brush teeth and rinse with mouthwash again.

Some of this stuff may seem fairly basic, but this is truly the best way to get rid of unwanted cigar smells. You’ll still have some cigar billiga fotbollströjor Barn aftertaste in your mouth, but it will be very difficult for others to detect that you have had a cigar.

Happy smoking and hope this keeps someone out of the doghouse!