Michter’s Bourbon: First Time Sippin’ in the “Texas Fall”

We’re starting to get into a little fall weather in sunny ATX (just kidding, it’s still blazing hot but there are some leaves on the ground so there’s that). Regardless, even if based on strength of theme alone, this time of year we love to kick back on a porch and sip our drinks while people-watching or otherwise whiling away the hours. It’s a good time of year to reflect, and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t reflecting on how little we’ve been reviewing lately.

So, I decided to end my moment of quiet reflection and hit the liquor store for something new to try.

I was initially looking for a seasonal release. I love those because I feel like reviewing them can get exposure to those hard to find items that people may be a little iffy on. However, I kept coming back to a bottle that I had never tried but I know serves as a benchmark for many others, and that I’d been hearing about for years as a “must try item”. I speak, of course, about the Michter’s Bourbon.

It was time to give it a try even if everyone and their mother already knew about this bad boy.

Now, I’m something of a novelty snob. So when I try something that is always available, I expect it to taste very standard. Decent, approachable and boring. I will tell you right now that wasn’t the case with the Michter’s.

I enjoyed it in my preferred way: one very large ice cube, generous pour. That way I get to really taste the evolution of the bourbon from neat to slightly more opened up as the cube slowly dilutes the beverage.

The Michter’s has a great flavor right up front that commands your attention. It is sharp and bright, however it backs off its bite just before the sting would hit, leaving only warmth. The flavor is honey syrup and pears.

The finish of this drink is a really nice, roasted oats kind of flavor. The toasty warmth sticks around.

There’s also some good spice here. I got, at different intervals, allspice and cinnamon and a little clove. All very enjoyable stuff, and perfect for the Autumnal illusion I was trying to surround myself in.

Overall, the Michter’s is something truly special. I will absolutely be picking this up again, and it has become an instant favorite. I’m also of the opinion that this is a highly versatile liquor, and can’t wait to try it out in a cocktail (spoiler alert, stay tuned…). To sum up, you’re going to want this in your rotation. If you’ve never tried it, now’s the time. And if you have then get to the nearest patio or pub and enjoy another glass. It’s real good.