Liga Privada Undercrown Pig


Sometimes I wonder if I’ve paid too much attention to Liga Privada.

But what can I say? They’ve produced some of my favorite smokes and they are consistently well-constructed and flavorful. So, at risk of overemphasizing one brand, I’ll dive into my thoughts on the Undercrown Pig.

The cigar itself is beautiful. The Undercrown band is the same as that featured on their regular line, and the wrapper is an elegant dark chaussure de football pas cher chocolate in color. The construction, as with the rest of the Liga Privada pigs, is exceptional. The tight pigtail wrap and the fat perfecto shape makes this a cigar you’ll want to show off.

The flavors begin with a touch of black pepper and charred maple. Smoke is voluminous and absolutely fills the air. This is not a subtle cigar. The flavor continues throughout the first third and the burn remains excellent, producing a cake of ash that refuses to fall.

The second third sees the flavors deepen, the woodsy maple transitioning to syrup and the pepper taking on a slightly more cinnamon flavor. Construction maillot de foot personnalisé remains excellent, and the draw begins to loosen in a pleasant way. At this point I am at the thickest part of the cigar and the smoke is cool and pleasant.

The final third sees some chocolate flavors emerge. There is also a touch of something sweet and somewhat vegetal, close to coconut but not nearly as distinct. As it wraps up I also get a touch of leather.

Overall the Undercrown Pig impressed me. The flavors were decadent and, though not quite as intense as the Feral Flying Pig, were exceptional. This stick is difficult to find, but if you manage to grab one do it and don’t look back.

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