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A while back, we ran a contest for Cigar & Whiskey fans that gave them the opportunity to win a free Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig. I had not given that contest much thought recently, until I received an email from one of our winners, Jim Luisser. He was kind enough to send a detailed email with his personal thoughts on the cigar. I’m excited to post his message here, because even though we have reviewed the Pig before, it is incredibly valuable to get feedback on others’ tastes!

Hello Steve,


The weather finally gave me a break so I could enjoy this smoke. I tried to do this Thanksgiving but it was too cold. Then just before Christmas it warmed up sufficiently so I could step outside and light up. I took your advice and made a Cappuccino and then followed with a nice French brandy, Original Gangster. I wish I had a few more so I could smoke another at the shore after a beach day followed by a seafood meal and let the other age in my humidor for a year. I am not a connoisseur and will apologize in advance if I miss some of the tastes and flavors in my description. I do enjoy a good smoke and believe that is what matters in the long run. Like wine, whiskey, etc. everyone tastes something a little different than everyone else.

I like to start by feeling the texture and fill of the cigar. Next I enjoy a whiff of the body and the foot. A quick snip and the tail is gone ready for the first draw to insure it is open and ready to smoke. Toasting the cigar then lighting produced a cloud of thick smoke and some interesting aromas. It seemed very strong at first and made me wonder if it was too strong, but it settled down and was enjoyable.

The first third had notes of coffee and a slight sweet taste. There was a lot of smoke and I wondered how long it would have lingered and traveled if it had been a hot humid day. I finished my cappuccino and next sipped my brandy.

The next part worked well with the brandy and seemed to enhance the flavor. It also had a sweetness and coffee flavor which may have been due to just finishing the cappuccino. I was glad I waited until I had a warm day because it took almost two hours from start to finish. It was a great way to spend a nice day outdoors in late December.

All in all I would look for a Flying Feral Pig again and pick up several to smoke on warmer nights after a relaxing meal with good company. Thank you Steve for the opportunity to try it and sorry it took so long to give you the review. Sometimes life gets in the way of pleasures. I hope this is something you can use and look forward to more contests and information from you in the future. I really enjoyed winning something for a change.


Jim Luisser


This type of feedback is so fantastic to hear, and I think we can all agree that Jim did a great job describing his experience with the cigar!

Along that same token, we would love to hear cigar reviews from our readers even more. Please feel free to send your reviews and pictures to Cigar & Whiskey either through our Facebook page at or right from this site! Odds are we’ll feature it on the site. We are a community and we welcome the input of others!

In the meantime, keep your eyes out for new cigar contests and content from Cigar & Whiskey!

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