Four Kicks Sublime


For the past year I have heard quite a bit about the Four Kicks by Crowned Heads, though rarely directly. People often refer to this cigar as one of the best they have had, yet almost as if they are hesitant to let anyone else in on it. When I saw a box at my local shop, I knew I had to give it a try, and immediately.

The appearance of the Four Kicks is absolutely beautiful, with a dark tan wrapper, tight seams and subtle veins. The band is elegant, with a deep burnished gold color which features impressed filigree and a køb billige nba trøjer distinct deep red focal point with underplayed white lettering. It looks like nothing so much as an engraved pistol given that you would present to a man of honor in the old west. The images of crossed firearms certainly play up this imagery, yet not overzealously. It features a dense pack with only a slight amount of give, and cutting and toasting were effortless.

Upon first light the Four Kicks teases its favors, offering up a light, sweet hay flavor with a finish of aged tobacco. This rapidly opens up as you get into the first third, where distinct notes of dried cherries, raisin, and even a brief hint of baked apple permeate. The combination with the lighter flavors really makes the dried fruit in this segment pop, and everything is well layered. You will taste everything distinctly, yet the transitions are smooth, so you never feel as though anything bullies its way to the forefront.

The second third of the cigar keeps the sweetness, but the subtle fruit flavors disappear and are replaced with an incredible leathery flavor that grows in intensity from light to very robust. I am not joking when I say that this leather is substantial, and I could not have been more pleased. Leather is often hidden behind other tastes in a cigar, but here it is the centerpiece. If you happen to be smoking this cigar in a brown leather recliner, you will not be able to tell where you end and the chair begins. It is a sensation that is, as far as I have experienced, wholly unique to the Four Kicks.

The final third retains some leather, but it lowers in intensity to reveal toasted pecan, a bit of cappucino, and trace hints of luscious milk chocolate. These flavors play very nicely with the leather that coats the palate in the second third of the cigar. The new flavors definitely play the female role in the dance koszulki nba sklep upon your taste buds, but like any good partner they contribute both to the beauty and the direction of the waltz. The retrohale at this point offers up a little nutmeg and vanilla, though you will have to focus to pick them out from the plethora of tastes that make up this last portion if the stick.

The smoke production from the Four Kicks is substantial, but not overwhelming. You would have no trouble smoking this inside your man cave or smoking lounge of choice. It does, however, continue to produce smoke from the foot whether you are drawing it or not. Aesthetically speaking, this is very pleasant.

Construction in the cigar is absolutely flawless, offering a slightly firm draw that nevertheless doesn’t make you work for it. The burn is immaculate, and I do mean razor sharp. Further, I very much appreciate the fact that this stick doesn’t require a babysitter. You can easily set this one down for two minutes or more and pick it right back up to enjoy rich, cool smoke without the need for a relight. This is easily one of, if not the best performing smokes I have ever enjoyed. I always hesitate to use the word “perfect,” yet it is hard to describe this cigar as anything else.

I should also touch briefly on the theme of this smoke. This is a cigar that begs to be enjoyed at the end of some grand adventure, even months or years later. I would almost go so far as to say that this one should be smoked alone for the meditative quality of the experience. if you are going to enjoy it with a friend, it better be a close one. I picked this one up without thinking to much about it, and almost felt guilty that I didn’t have a specific occasion for it. That being said, this cigar is an occasion unto itself, and perhaps the only reflection necessary is upon the incredible experience that you will no doubt have with this stick. This is a definite buy if you can get it, and is worth seeking out specifically if you are so inclined.

Paired With: Dr. Pepper

Recommended: Yes