Flor De Las Antillas Robusto

flor de las antillas (sans red band)

Before I begin the review of the Flor de las Antillas Robusto, I should mention something about my personal cigar buying habits. I am a big fan of presentation. When I see a cigar with a large outlandish band orĀ outlet abbigliamento ciclismo some extra consideration put into another element of the packaging, I will fall for it. Fortunately, this leads me to several unique blends and is, I have found, as good a way as any to try new cigars that I know little about. Granted, I rarely go to the tobacconist with the intent to purchase one of these flashy bad boys, but once there I can be easily lured. This lead to my purchase of the Flor de las Antillas Robusto by My Father.

So, let