Esteban Carreras Chupacabra


The Esteban Carreras Chupacabra is one of those cigars that draws attention from the name alone. Though we are no closer to discovering an actual chupacabra, this rough-looking beast promises to deliver an in-your-face sensory experience. From the pigtail cap to the shaggy closed foot, the Chupacabra is not a subtle cigar. With that in mind, I delved into the stick.

The cigar is very easy to light, which I attribute to the closed shaggy foot of the stick. The shaggy foot also adds a pleasant campfire flavor to the first fer basketball trøye NBA draws of the stick, which quickly diminish into a freshly toasted bread flavor. This combined with an elegant leather flavor which added a good amount of depth to the smoke. The first third finished out with a creamy hazelnut and coffee flavor that included a bit of missing sweetness. So far so good, especially considering the flavor profiles in the first third are better than you would find in the entirety of a lesser cigar!

The second third ramped up the coffee flavor, but also added a rich cream that added a fullness to the smoke. Speaking of, smoke production at this point ramped up significantly, producing billowing clouds with even the lightest draw. Not great if you are maillot de foot personnalisé in a car, but very aesthetically pleasing just about anywhere else. This continued to increase in depth as the second third came to a close.

The final third seemed to be more of the same, but then I was pleasantly suprised as brown sugar and pecan flavors made a prominent appearance. Think grandma’s pecan pie and you will be right on point. Unfortunately, the cigar developed a split in the wrapper soon thereafter. While I was concerned that this would affect the burn, nothing was damaged aside from the wrapper itself and the cigar finished out strong.

This stick was a real treat, and one that I would gladly pick up again. I was not familiar with Esteban Carreras before this and now I’m going to have to sample the rest of his line. For a cigar that looks a bit challenging, I would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants a complex palate in a medium bodied stick. As it happens, that category should be fairly inclusive!

Paired with: Angel’s Envy

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