Cigar Mistakes You Should Avoid, Courtesy of Steve Saka


The following are a list of items that Steve Saka, CEO of Drew Estate (and the man for whom Liga Privada was personally blended!) contributed to a thread I posted on focusing on cigar mistakes members had successfully avoided. I felt that his response was quite thorough, so I asked Steve if I could adapt it for this site. He courteously agreed, so here are his nine mistakes that smokers should avoid. Whether you are a new smoker or experienced, following these steps will definitely help you out. Personally, I had never heard of item #3, but have basketball trikots g√ľnstig already found it immensely helpful. So, thanks again to Mr. Saka, and enjoy!

1. Don’t overbuy in the first few years – your palette’s likes and dislikes will change dramatically and you will ultimately end up with a a lot cigars that, albeit good, no longer suit your fancy.


2. Understand that no matter how big your humidor, tupperdore or walk-in humidor may be, you will fill it and still not have enough room. It is just human nature – so determine a reasonable number of cigars to have on hand, create storage just a tad larger and learn to live with it.


3. Whenever you start to feel a little queasy, ingest something with a high sugar content – candy bar, juice, whatever – this will counteract the impact of the nicotine within minutes

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