The Great Pumpkin Beer Ranking

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2014-10-05 14.14.22

The start of October brings with it many excellent things. Trick or treating, Halloween parties, haunted houses, hayrides, pumpkin carving and more excite the senses and make this one of our favorite times of year. It also signifies the release of many excellent seasonal pumpkin beers, which have grown in number and quality over the years. 2014 saw more releases than ever scarpe calcetto Nike and so we felt we should get some friends together and give them a try to put together a consensus on where they all stand! Our main criteria for this tasting was to determine which beers best exemplified “a delicious pumpkin character”. We’ve got a decent amount of ground to cover, so let’s jump on in!

15. Lakewood Brewing Co. “Punkel”

2014-10-05 14.08.55

The Lakewood Brewing “Punkel” came up last in our tasting. While the beer is by no means undrinkable, it features very little pumpkin flavor, and indeed lacks in maglie calcio shop flavor overall compared to the other offerings. While those who enjoy their seasonal beers to feature more muted flavors might enjoy this one, true pumpkin beer aficionados need look elsewhere.

14. Anderson Valley “Fall Hornin’ Pumpkin Ale”

2014-10-05 14.09.09

The “Fall Hornin'” ale was the only canned beer of the bunch. At first it seems to suffer the issues as the Punkel above, but after it settles for a while a really nice pumpkin flavor can be detected. Unfortunately the one we tried was heavily over-carbonated, which really masked the flavor quite a bit. If the brewers had put a little more confidence in the Hornin’ it could have easily ranked higher, but as it is we can’t place it high on our list.

13. Post Road “Pumpkin Ale”

2014-10-05 14.09.30

The Post Road “Pumpkin Ale” is one of the more easily found pumpkin beers (in our area at least) and so sets the tone as the “supermarket standard”. While there is a decently good pumpkin flavor present, it does not really pop and ultimately tastes a maglie calcio a poco prezzo little generic. Not a bad brew to pick up if you need something quick and it’s available, but nothing really special either.

12. New Belgium “Pumpkick”

2014-10-05 14.09.50

The New Belgium “Pumpkick” has an interesting flavor profile that, in our opinion, makes it taste like something of a “Thanksgiving beer”. That is because there is a tremendous note of cranberry and savory lemongrass that permeates the drink. These notes do combine with the pumpkin effectively, but you could not say that the pumpkin is the focal point here. Still, it is an intriguing beer and if you’d like to experience Thanksgiving in a glass this might be right up your alley.

11. Crooked Line “Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin”

2014-10-05 14.10.12

Perhaps more than any other beer on this list, the “Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin” necessitated our setting a tasting criteria. That’s because this beer is absolutely delicious, very drinkable, and should be sought after by fans of oak-aged stouts. That said, it has very little actual pumpkin flavor, which means it falls just outside of our top 10.

10. Alaskan “Pumpkin Porter”

2014-10-05 14.10.33

The Alaskan “Pumpkin Porter” was the first of the beers we tried which we could easily classify as overtly pumpkin-y. It has a very robust flavor that commands your attention throughout the drink. The only major downside (and this was controversial amongst our group so you might disagree as well) is a strong alcohol bite on the finish.

9. Dogfish Head “Punkin Ale”

2014-10-05 14.10.56

The Dogfish Head “Punkin Ale” is one of the most sought-after and lauded pumpkin brews. We agree that it is very tasty, and this year’s batch is particularly good (many of our tasters had tried the 2013 batch and were underwhelmed, so this was a welcome surprise). This has a very good pumpkin flavor that, while lacking in richness, is sure to satisfy.

8. Southern Tier “Warlock”

2014-10-05 14.11.16

The Southern Tier “Warlock” is the close cousin of their much lauded “Pumking” beverage (see below). It adds a strong maple flavoring to the pumpkin, and has a similarly strong alcohol note. We enjoyed this brew for its potent profile and overall richness, but it loses a few points because it does try to do a little too much. Still, fans of Southern Tier would be remiss if they didn’t give this one a go.

7. Red Hook “Out Of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter”

2014-10-05 14.11.34

Red Hook’s pumpkin offering brings with it a great pumpkin flavor, and gets high marks for being the only porter that we would define as easily drinkable. Choose the “Out Of Your Gourd” pumpkin porter is you’re looking for a strong pumpkin beer with little in the way of competing flavors. It only does one thing, but it does it quite well.

6. Harpoon “UFO Pumpkin”

2014-10-05 14.11.52

Harpoon’s “UFO Pumpkin” has a great pumpkin flavor that is very clearly unfiltered. Several of our tasters commented that this beer skirted the line of a wheat beers flavor profile, leading many to claim that it should be considered a “pumpkin hefeweizen”.

Willett Bourbon

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I have been wanting to try the Willett Bourbon for years.

Since I’ve been interested in drinking fine whiskeys, Willett Bourbon has stood out with its incredibly alluring shape, deep amber color, and individually numbered packaging. It is a bottle that immediately commands attention, one that you almost hesitate to drink Orologi Replica Cartier from given the perfect proportion of whiskey that creates the luxurious visual aesthetic. But not to worry, dear readers. Drink I did.

I poured the Willett over one large cube, then gave it a few swirls to appreciate its rich aroma. The legs clung to the side of the glass very well, dripping almost like syrup back into the glass.

The taste is, and I do not use this word lightly, exquisite. Very rich notes of pear, caramel, and just a hint of smoke paraded across my palate. The finish was creamy and delicious, with absolutely zero harshness. Just a glowing warmth akin to a heated apple cider.

If you haven’t tried the Willett Bourbon, you are absolutely missing out. It is one of those rare cases where the fanciness of packaging accurately reflects the elegance of the drink therein. Pick up a bottle and let me know what you think. As for me, I’ve found one of my new favorite bourbons.

TINCUP Colorado Whiskey

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Happy Whiskey Wednesday everyone!

I was hoping to try something new, and luckily a local establishment had just the thing on special. TINCUP Colorado Whiskey was going for a very fair price, and even better, I’d never heard of it before. I ordered it with one large ice cube and settled in.

The nose on this whiskey is very pleasant, with light floral notes and just a touch of spice. It almost smells like some rums I’ve had in the past, but has migliori repliche orologi a bit more char to it as you might expect. Swishing the drink around reveals that it is pretty hearty as well, with thick trails that cling to the sides of the glass for a good long while.

The first sip reveals a complex taste that is at the same time quite smooth. I wouldn’t call it bold at all. It is interesting. The floral notes of the nose do come through, as does the spice. Perhaps it was just the fall air, but I got just a tiny hint of something a little deeper, like pumpkin as well. This was also a very rich drink, and coated my mouth like melted butter.

As the cube melted a bit the flavor did dilute more than I would like. I might recommend drinking this neat, or even with a small drip of water and Imitazioni Orologi Rolex some whiskey stones. It wasn’t bad mind you, I just felt the complexity of the flavor was lost after the large cube had time to melt a bit.

Checking their website, TINCUP claims their whiskey to be spicy and bold. I can’t necessarily say that I agree with that, but that is not a knock against the whiskey at all. Finding something simultaneously smooth and complex is a rarity, and I highly recommend the TINCUP to both experienced whiskey fan and novice alike.

Weekend Smoke: The Cromagnon Cranium

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Cromagnon. The name itself is vivid, conjuring up the primitive, the ancient, the powerful, the pure. Yes, not refined nor proper, but raw.

It is good that the name of the Cromagnon Cranium is so vivid, because there are no other identifying features on the cigar at all. No band, nothing. Just a heavy looking, veiny, almost black wrapper that looks as though it was lovingly rolled yet not particularly Imitazioni orologi italia fussed over. If it was a child, its father would have told it to get into some trouble, take some licks, and learn about the world.

That fluff aside, it smells delicious. Even without lighting it gives off the aroma of a fresh-baked brownie. It is tantalizing.

The cigar lights beautifully, and the first third absolutely delivers on the promise of the pre-light aroma. It is chocolate. Rich, yet milky. There is a touch of pepper, maybe jalape

Weekend Pairing: MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured & Glenlivet 15

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Sometimes, you just have to fight fire with fire.

When I purchased the MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured (or KFC), my initial thought was to pair it with a Kentucky bourbon to keep with the theme. However, a new option presented itself as soon as I removed the cigar from it’s cellophane and gave it a good sniff. This was going to be fiery. A bourbon would do a good job of tempering the smoke, but this cigar was blended and cured to enhance the smell and taste of woodsmoke. I didn’t want to dull that down, so I figured I would be best served by going with something a little more bright with just a hint of peat. I chose the Glenlivet 15.

I poured the Glenlivet over ice, intending the outlet abbigliamento ciclismo drink to wane in potency as the cigar picked up. Initial tastes of the Glenlivet are what you’d expect from the brand, caramel, peat and a touch of bright green apple.

The cigar cut and lit with the exceptional ease I’ve come to expect of the Drew Estate brand. Initial notes were as advertised, pure woodsmoke akin to puffing on a campfire. It was intense but pleasurable.

Drinking a sip of the scotch and then allowing the smoke to mingle immediately afterward really sharpened the smokiness whilst levně cyklodresy simultaneously bringing out some more fruity flavors in the scotch.

In the second third of the KFC the woodsmoke actually died abruptly, making the way for some flavors that I picked up in my review of

Whiskey Wednesday: Bird Dog

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Happy Whiskey Day dear readers!

As befitting the recent valiant performance of Team USA, today’s selection returns us back to the Red, White, and Blue in the form of Bird Dog Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey.

Bird Dog is an intriguing drink. Its mystery starts from its very label, in the sense that for all the information available on the bottle, you might get the billiga cykelbyxor impression it was a product brewed in the liquor store’s pantry: no distillery history, no description of blending techniques, and no back story for the title.

True, this cloudy whiskey, with a late wave of peat and a sweet smell of cinnamon mixed with the slightest touch of ginger, is simple, but it is also a reminder that good things do not necessarily need complexion.

This is a whiskey you drink whilst gazing at a Southern sunset with good friends; the once in July opportunities that come maglie calcio online once in a bottle. You would not buy Bird Dog to impress someone, just as the person counting stars cares little about the final tally.

This dog bites better at room temperature than on ice, as it keeps the flavor throughout the entire sip, but otherwise an enjoyable, if thoroughly par product for your consideration.

As always, further research is needed…

Weekend Pairing: Alec Bradley Fine & Rare/Red River Rye

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The Alec Bradley Fine & Rare was released late fall of 2012. I knew that I wanted to find one right off the bat, primarily drawn to it because of it’s interesting band and perfect torpedo voetbalschoenen sale shape. After a few weeks of searching I finally found one, and it was as impressive in person as it had been in the promotional pictures.

And then I promptly put it into my humidor and forgot about it until this week.

red river rye
Photo credit: Red River Whiskey Facebook Page

I decided to pair the cigar with a bottle of Red River Rye which has recently come into my possession. The Red River Rye is a Texas whiskey that I had not been familiar with before physically receiving the bottle. Nevertheless, I love a good rye and hell, I’m from Texas so I was willing to try this pairing untested.

I went with my preferred method for the whiskey: two fingers with one large ice cube. I gave it a try before lighting the cigar and found it very rich with hearty notes of caramel, cinnamon and woodsmoke. This was not a timid whiskey, but I trusted the Fine & Rare to hold it’s own.

For a second after first light, I was afraid I was wrong. The Fine & Rare came out of the gate with a grassy, hay-like flavor that was billiga Nike fotbollsskor dominated by the character of the Red River Rye. However, after that initial taste dissipated it become much more hearty, with a black-pepper and cedar flavor mingled with leather. Taking a puff immediately after a sip of whiskey really brought out the woodsy flavor and subtle sweet notes in the cigar smoke.

The second part of the cigar continued to deepen, and added little touches of dulled cayenne spice while keeping the primary flavors introduced in the first third. the Red River Rye at this point became sort of a flavor highlight, brightening those more potent cigar flavors and enhancing the more subtle notes.

If the second third signified a deepening of flavor, the final third saw it touch bottom. Now the wood had melted into a maple-syrup flavor, and the cayenne had fotbollsskor webshop transformed into black pepper. It was rich and delicious, made all the more decadent by the Red River Rye, which was now singing in perfect harmony with the cigar, complementing it perfectly.

This ended up being a delicious pairing the whole way through. The cigar performed almost perfectly (minus one small tear in the wrapper that occurred when I pulled off the band – it was no big deal) and the whiskey was top-notch. Although I think it would be difficult to find a 2012 Alec Bradley Fine & Rare nowadays, I believe you should definitely try out the Red River Rye at your earliest opportunity!


Rocky Patel 50th Anniversary

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Let me come right out and say this: I have had mixed feelings about Rocky Patel cigars almost since I started smoking.

That is not to say that I haven’t enjoyed some of their cigars, but I had not discovered anything that blew me away. I also experienced a fairly significant amount of inconsistency in construction and performance that have sort of steered me away from the brand despite it’s popularity.

I say all this because when I was told by a trusted source that the Rocky Patel 50th Anniversary was a spectacular cigar (in his words, “one of the best cigars I’ve ever had”) I was a bit skeptical. Nevertheless, I filed the information away, and a few weeks later billige fotballsko Nike when I saw a box of 50th Anniversary cigars at a local vendor I picked one up despite the slightly exorbitant price tag ($20.00 in my case).

The cigar itself is, admittedly, pretty regal. The wrapper is appropriately thick with just a hint of tooth that gives it a pleasantly rough feel like stingray boots. The color is uniform and the wrap is perfect with only a few pronounced veins and tight construction. The band is attractive, if a bit garish for my taste, with a bold “RP” inscribed on an orange bed surrounded by a simulacra of round diamonds. If you are looking for something that will announce your stick from across the room, this is the band for you.

Pre-light I got notes of oak and dried cherries. First light revealed these to be the dominant flavors, and they continued to mingle throughout the billige fotballsko på nett på first third. They were lightly interspersed with sweet notes, though they were fleeting and difficult to pinpoint. Think sparks of vanilla.

The second third gradually slacked off the sweetness to present the woodsy flavors in full force. These were highlighted by a gradually growing white pepper flavor that added a counterbalance to the majesty of the oak. Towards the end of the second I got a taste of leather.

That leather taste grew to rival the wood in the final third, adding back in a sort of deep, fruity sweetness like aged dates. These chaussure de foot Nike pas cher actually became a bit tart towards the finish of the stick, like the dates had been given a light coat of blackberry jam. It was a luxurious flavor.

Throughout the smoking experience the cigar performed very well, with no burn issues to speak of. Smoke production was medium-heavy and overall very complimentary to the aesthetics of the cigar.

I was impressed with the Rocky Patel 50th Anniversary, to the point that I will probably have to reintroduce Patel sticks into my lineup. That being said, I don’t think that they are quite worth the price I paid. Pick one up if you get the chance because this is indeed an excellent cigar, and increasingly hard to find this far out from its release.

Kind Words From A Contest Winner!

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A while back, we ran a contest for Cigar & Whiskey fans that gave them the opportunity to win a free Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig. I had not given that contest much thought recently, until I received an email from one of our winners, Jim Luisser. He was kind enough to send a detailed email with his personal thoughts on the cigar. I’m excited to post his message here, because even though we have reviewed the Pig before, it is incredibly valuable to get feedback on others’ tastes!

Hello Steve,


The weather finally gave me a break so I could enjoy this smoke. I tried to do this Thanksgiving but it was too cold. Then just before Christmas it warmed up sufficiently so I could step outside and light up. I took your advice and made a Cappuccino and then followed with a nice French brandy, Original Gangster. I wish I had a few more so I could smoke another at the shore after a beach day followed by a seafood meal and let the other age in my humidor for a year. I am not a connoisseur and will apologize in advance if I miss some of the tastes and flavors in my description. I do enjoy a good smoke and believe that is what matters in the long run. Like wine, whiskey, etc. everyone tastes something a little different than everyone else.

I like to start by feeling the texture and fill of the cigar. Next I enjoy a whiff of the body and the foot. A quick snip and the tail is gone ready for the first draw to insure it is open and ready to smoke. Toasting the cigar then lighting produced a cloud of thick smoke and some interesting aromas. It seemed very strong at first and made me wonder if it was too strong, but it settled down and was enjoyable.

The first third had notes of coffee and a slight sweet taste. There was a lot of smoke and I wondered how long it would have lingered and traveled if it had been a hot humid day. I finished my cappuccino and next sipped my brandy.

The next part worked well with the brandy and seemed to enhance the flavor. It also had a sweetness and coffee flavor which may have been due to just finishing the cappuccino. I was glad I waited until I had a warm day because it took almost two hours from start to finish. It was a great way to spend a nice day outdoors in late December.

All in all I would look for a Flying Feral Pig again and pick up several to smoke on warmer nights after a relaxing meal with good company. Thank you Steve for the opportunity to try it and sorry it took so long to give you the review. Sometimes life gets in the way of pleasures. I hope this is something you can use and look forward to more contests and information from you in the future. I really enjoyed winning something for a change.


Jim Luisser


This type of feedback is so fantastic to hear, and I think we can all agree that Jim did a great job describing his experience with the cigar!

Along that same token, we would love to hear cigar reviews from our readers even more. Please feel free to send your reviews and pictures to Cigar & Whiskey either through our Facebook page at or right from this site! Odds are we’ll feature it on the site. We are a community and we welcome the input of others!

In the meantime, keep your eyes out for new cigar contests and content from Cigar & Whiskey!