Whiskey Wednesdays: Kings County Distillery


Happy Wednesday Dear Readers!

In a slight change of pace, this week our subject is not a particular brew, but rather an entire distillery. Kings County Distillery (KCD) is THE oldest distillery in New York City. That being said, due to absurdly restrictive liquor laws that were just lifted at the beginning of the century, KCD has only been active since 2010. However, they make up for their relative newcoming by replica uhren kaufen invoking the spirit of their surroundings – located in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, the amber product of KCD truly reflects the spirit of Monitor and Missouri.


I had the privilege of touring this fine establishment on a sunny July afternoon, and it was a glorious setting for my first distillery trip north of the Mason-Dixon. Tucked away in a ramshackle industrial park near the Brooklyn Bridge, the red brick appeared as lost fotballdrakter to the weeds as Yoda’s home on Dagobah, until I realized that instead of an overgrown green infestation, what surrounded their headquarters was a thriving urban garden complete with music, cornhole, and free ice cream. Lesson learned = looks can be deceiving.


And what an applicable lesson for the rest of my day at KCD. Inside the 115-year old Navy Paymaster’s House, hosts a modern setup for blending some of the most delicious liquids in the Northeast. What’s this advanced scientific metric the distillery uses you ask? The billige fotballdrakter human palate of course, and you can find the master mixers crafting their brews right in with the barrels; for us whiskey lovers, it’s as artful as being on the bridge at Giverny. Their products are conventional, but reflect courage and competence. KCD uses a good chunk of state-produced ingredients, and their bourbon, while not as complex as older (southern) varieties, is certainly smooth enough to be going on with. Kings County Distillery – come for the novelty, stay for the ambiance, and drink whiskey.

But as always, further research is needed…


Belle Meade 9 Sherry Cask

Belle Meade Sherry

The oppressive summer heat is in full swing, meaning sweltering days and somewhat humid nights. Though this weather can wear you down quick if you aren’t ready for it, there is no better time of year to sit out back sipping a glass of bourbon. The candidate Imitazioni Orologi Rolex for this post is the Belle Meade 9 Sherry Cask. I was looking for something unique that I hadn’t tried yet and was put on to this bourbon by a trusted clerk at my local liquor store.

I was initially intrigued by the darkness of the bourbon, a color derived from the sherry casks in which it is aged. I poured myself a glass, dropped in one huge ice cube, and settled in.

The nose of the bourbon is tantalizing and sweet. Giving it a light curl the whiskey clings to the side of the glass like a syrup. I expected this would be a rich treat indeed.

The first sip confirmed my suspicion. The Belle Meade 9 Sherry Cask has a depth of flavor that stands it apart even from other rich bourbons. I got mostly plum, cherry, caramel, and a bit of bitter chocolate. There was actually a touch of spice here as well, though that Imitazioni orologi italia flavor pops and disappears as quickly as I could pick up on it. The character is intense, and it is not without a bit of a kick on the finish, though I would still say it is primarily smooth drinking.

This whiskey pairs very well with full-bodied cigars. I suspect it would hold it’s own against just about anything you throw at it.

The next time you want something that’ll keep your attention while still allowing for a casual night in the warm summer weather, give the Belle Meade 9 Sherry Cask a try. I’ll certainly be picking up another bottle.

Whisky Wednesday: Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition


Happy Whisky Wednesday Dear Readers!

Today’s journey of the pallet takes us back to the land without the “e” – Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition Blended Scotch Whisky.

I admit to being a naturally skeptical man, especially with regards to Cutty as it has not always agreed with me, but seeing as how it was Lyndon B. Johnson’s drink of choice, I was compelled to honor my favorite president by giving “The Real McCoy” another shot (pun intended).

Despite the black, intimidating label, Prohibition is light in color – a cool compromise between honey and amber. The lightness in basketbal kleding kopen appearance is matched by the softness of its flavor – smooth, slightly sweet, and without a hint of peat.

Be warned though, this whisky was designed to evade the likes of Eliot Ness, and that ruggedness is reflected in its 100 proof. I say bring on the proof! Fortune favors the bold, and the readers of Cigar & Whiskey are nothing if not adventurous.

But as always, further research is needed…

Redbreast 12 Year


I opened the Redbreast 12 on a recent evening when the weather was just perfect. I had finished the first grilled steak of the year, a massive bone-in ribeye that turned out just perfect with beautiful marbling and a side of buttered asparagus. This, I felt, was the prefect environment to crack into the Redbreast, an Irish whiskey referred to by many of my colleagues as “one of the best.”

The nose is elegant and rich. I got brown sugar and caramel with just a hint of fruit.

I added one very large cube of slow melting ice and took my first sip. The flavors I picked up in the nose were present here. The fruit notes turned out to lacne kopacky Nike be a touch of dried apricot. And this drink went down smooth, though unlike the Tullamore Dew we tasted recently, it had just enough bite to remind you that you were drinking a pretty stoic drink. I liked that.

As the cube melted the flavors mellowed and I picked up a touch of cream underneath the heavy sweetness of the fruit and sugars. These mingled detské kopačky beautifully, and I drank the rest down in a couple of gulps. I know not to let a drink this good get too watered down.

I will have to say that I concur with other assessments of the Redbreast 12: it is one of the finest Irish whiskeys I have ever tried. Frankly, it might be the best. I highly recommend you pick some up to treat yourself after a rich meal.

Tullamore Dew

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Next up in our series on Irish Whiskey is one of my old favorites, Tullamore Dew.

Tullamore Dew is one of the older Irish Whiskey brands that, though not quite as widely popular as the likes of Jameson, still has a strong following. More importantly, they futbalove dresy na predaj produce one of the finest sipping whiskeys currently out there (Irish or otherwise).

I tested the Tullamore Dew with a small splash of water in a Glenmorangie glass. The nose is fairly light, giving off faint caramel notes and something that is almost floral.

First sip tastes, and I know this is a strange descriptor, incredibly clean. If we are to refer to whiskey as the eau de vie then it has never been more Lacné Futbalove Dresy applicable than here. There is also more of that caramel I detected on the nose, and even some light cherry flavors. There is a touch of smoke, but only a touch, and there is no astringent harshness at all.

Taking a drink in earnest, the flavors deepen but do not change. Most notable is just how remarkably smooth the Tullamore Dew really is. This is one that you could kick back with all night easily (though I have reason to believe that it will sneak up on you if you aren’t careful…).

If I have any complaint at all it is that the flavors are almost too smooth, but maybe that’s because my go-to beverages are generally more punishing Islay scotches. In any case, I would recommend the Tullamore Dew, particularly if you want a whiskey that will stick with you for the long haul.

Liga Privada Undercrown Pig

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Sometimes I wonder if I’ve paid too much attention to Liga Privada.

But what can I say? They’ve produced some of my favorite smokes and they are consistently well-constructed and flavorful. So, at risk of overemphasizing one brand, I’ll dive into my thoughts on the Undercrown Pig.

The cigar itself is beautiful. The Undercrown band is the same as that featured on their regular line, and the wrapper is an elegant dark chaussure de football pas cher chocolate in color. The construction, as with the rest of the Liga Privada pigs, is exceptional. The tight pigtail wrap and the fat perfecto shape makes this a cigar you’ll want to show off.

The flavors begin with a touch of black pepper and charred maple. Smoke is voluminous and absolutely fills the air. This is not a subtle cigar. The flavor continues throughout the first third and the burn remains excellent, producing a cake of ash that refuses to fall.

The second third sees the flavors deepen, the woodsy maple transitioning to syrup and the pepper taking on a slightly more cinnamon flavor. Construction maillot de foot personnalisé remains excellent, and the draw begins to loosen in a pleasant way. At this point I am at the thickest part of the cigar and the smoke is cool and pleasant.

The final third sees some chocolate flavors emerge. There is also a touch of something sweet and somewhat vegetal, close to coconut but not nearly as distinct. As it wraps up I also get a touch of leather.

Overall the Undercrown Pig impressed me. The flavors were decadent and, though not quite as intense as the Feral Flying Pig, were exceptional. This stick is difficult to find, but if you manage to grab one do it and don’t look back.

Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel

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Jameson Irish Whiskey is a classic.

I am certain that nearly every whiskey drinker has had at least a sip or two of Jameson in their lives. Whether on the rocks or in the nefarious “Irish Car Bomb,” Jameson is a treat.

All that said, I have never branched out from maillot de basket nba pas cher Jameson proper. So when I saw the Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel while perusing the store shelves the other day, I was intrigued. How much better would one of the variants be?

As it turns out, pretty damn good.

The drink is smoother than regular Jameson, and even more drinkable. Taken neat it is bright with a warm finish that tastes like caramel. However, I preferred it on the rocks. It lent more of a vanilla flavor that combined with salted caramel and slightly charred wood. Don’t worry though, the drink is not too sweet. It is simply a balanced beverage that would pair well with rich cigars or as a standalone after-dinner treat.

I actually think that I would take Jameson Black over standard Jameson, even at the slightly increased price tag. Give it a try, particularly if you are a fan of Jameson original. You won’t be disappointed.

Whisky Wednesday: Deanston Virgin Oak

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Hello Dear Readers!

As we at C&W awake from our wintry slumber, our search today for delicious, barrel-related liquids takes us back to the land without the “e” – Deanston Distillery in the Highlands of Scotland. The Deanston Virgin Oak is a fine blend. That’s right, another fotbalove dresy blend joins our ranks. Technically, Deanston does classify it as a single malt because they finish the whisky in a single barrel, but seeing as how they “married” separate single malts to create the VO, it certainly seems like a blend for all intents and purposes.

After you pour yourself a dram of Virgin Oak, one cannot help but notice the intriguing color of its contents; this whisky is lighter on looks than most, like wheat mixed with an old bookcase left out in the sun too long. And what the VO lacks in color is certainly compensated by its pungent aroma. Indeed if prohibition ever graces the land of Robert the Bruce, Deanson could simply turn into a scented candle factory and not miss a bob in profits. The oak stands out, and mixed with the slightest floral zest, makes it difficult to power through to the actual tasting. The flavor of the Virgin Oak is complex, especially for a distillery that was formerly a simple cotton mill.

The taste is certainly not disappointing, but James Bond would probably not be caught sipping it either. If Hugh Grant were drinking this whisky I imagine his camisetas de futbol baratas first reaction would be “befuddlement” – the VO has a bite but is not remotely peaty and is easy to sip yet the 46.3% alcohol content can make the stairs as hard to conquer as Everest after a couple rounds.

Virgin Oak by Deanston – curious, captivating, and cost-effective at around $30 a bottle.

But as always, further research is needed…

Romeo y Julieta House of Capulet Toro

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Though Texas has been spared the worst of the frigid winter that the rest of the country has experienced, the opportunities to relax and smoke in comfort have been few and far between. However, recently that situation has réplique oméga montres changed and we are getting more and more pleasant evenings worth sitting with friends, playing some poker, and enjoying cigars on Dan’s back porch.

In selecting my cigar for the evening, I wanted something new and decided to opt for a cigar that was generously provided for review by Famous Smoke Shop, the Romeo y Julieta House of Capulet Toro.

My experience with Romeo y Julieta has been limited. They are very popular, of course, but were still a brand I hadn’t replique montre suisse gotten around to trying. I think it is safe to say that the House of Capulet is the first time I’ve actually paid much attention to the brand but (spoiler alert) I will be paying much closer attention in the future.

To start, this is a very attractive cigar. The cigar itself is beautifully constructed with a smooth appearance and velvety feel. The band is classic Romeo y Julieta, and the styling of the thin white paper that covers the rest of the cigar creates an interesting dynamic, as though it is shrouded in a veil. I could wax philosophical on the possible metaphorical implications here, but frankly I’d rather discuss the flavor profile.

To start, I got an elegant leathery sweetness, a touch of dried plum, and just the slightest hint of brown sugar. These réplique rolex montres continued throughout the first third. Smoke production was also significant, creating excellent plumes of thick white smoke without becoming an overwhelming smokestack.

The second third saw an evolution of the flavors in the first. Above all a vanilla flavor emerged and took center stage with the leather, creating a fantastic combination. It was a truly luxurious flavor combination.

The final third kept those two flavors while adding an excellent crystalline sweetness with just a hint of salt, like fleur de sel sprinkled on top of a sugar cookie. The flavors were complex, but delicate. They seemed to melt as soon as they hit my taste buds.

The Romeo y Julieta House of Capulet Toro is an easy recommendation to make, and more than that served as a winning introduction to the brand itself. I will be seeking out more Romeo y Julieta and adding them to my rotation of fine smokes on a more regular basis.

If you are interested in picking up a Romeo y Julieta House of Capulet for yourself, you can do so right here.

The Great Pumpkin Beer Ranking

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2014-10-05 14.14.22

The start of October brings with it many excellent things. Trick or treating, Halloween parties, haunted houses, hayrides, pumpkin carving and more excite the senses and make this one of our favorite times of year. It also signifies the release of many excellent seasonal pumpkin beers, which have grown in number and quality over the years. 2014 saw more releases than ever scarpe calcetto Nike and so we felt we should get some friends together and give them a try to put together a consensus on where they all stand! Our main criteria for this tasting was to determine which beers best exemplified “a delicious pumpkin character”. We’ve got a decent amount of ground to cover, so let’s jump on in!

15. Lakewood Brewing Co. “Punkel”

2014-10-05 14.08.55

The Lakewood Brewing “Punkel” came up last in our tasting. While the beer is by no means undrinkable, it features very little pumpkin flavor, and indeed lacks in maglie calcio shop flavor overall compared to the other offerings. While those who enjoy their seasonal beers to feature more muted flavors might enjoy this one, true pumpkin beer aficionados need look elsewhere.

14. Anderson Valley “Fall Hornin’ Pumpkin Ale”

2014-10-05 14.09.09

The “Fall Hornin'” ale was the only canned beer of the bunch. At first it seems to suffer the issues as the Punkel above, but after it settles for a while a really nice pumpkin flavor can be detected. Unfortunately the one we tried was heavily over-carbonated, which really masked the flavor quite a bit. If the brewers had put a little more confidence in the Hornin’ it could have easily ranked higher, but as it is we can’t place it high on our list.

13. Post Road “Pumpkin Ale”

2014-10-05 14.09.30

The Post Road “Pumpkin Ale” is one of the more easily found pumpkin beers (in our area at least) and so sets the tone as the “supermarket standard”. While there is a decently good pumpkin flavor present, it does not really pop and ultimately tastes a maglie calcio a poco prezzo little generic. Not a bad brew to pick up if you need something quick and it’s available, but nothing really special either.

12. New Belgium “Pumpkick”

2014-10-05 14.09.50

The New Belgium “Pumpkick” has an interesting flavor profile that, in our opinion, makes it taste like something of a “Thanksgiving beer”. That is because there is a tremendous note of cranberry and savory lemongrass that permeates the drink. These notes do combine with the pumpkin effectively, but you could not say that the pumpkin is the focal point here. Still, it is an intriguing beer and if you’d like to experience Thanksgiving in a glass this might be right up your alley.

11. Crooked Line “Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin”

2014-10-05 14.10.12

Perhaps more than any other beer on this list, the “Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin” necessitated our setting a tasting criteria. That’s because this beer is absolutely delicious, very drinkable, and should be sought after by fans of oak-aged stouts. That said, it has very little actual pumpkin flavor, which means it falls just outside of our top 10.

10. Alaskan “Pumpkin Porter”

2014-10-05 14.10.33

The Alaskan “Pumpkin Porter” was the first of the beers we tried which we could easily classify as overtly pumpkin-y. It has a very robust flavor that commands your attention throughout the drink. The only major downside (and this was controversial amongst our group so you might disagree as well) is a strong alcohol bite on the finish.

9. Dogfish Head “Punkin Ale”

2014-10-05 14.10.56

The Dogfish Head “Punkin Ale” is one of the most sought-after and lauded pumpkin brews. We agree that it is very tasty, and this year’s batch is particularly good (many of our tasters had tried the 2013 batch and were underwhelmed, so this was a welcome surprise). This has a very good pumpkin flavor that, while lacking in richness, is sure to satisfy.

8. Southern Tier “Warlock”

2014-10-05 14.11.16

The Southern Tier “Warlock” is the close cousin of their much lauded “Pumking” beverage (see below). It adds a strong maple flavoring to the pumpkin, and has a similarly strong alcohol note. We enjoyed this brew for its potent profile and overall richness, but it loses a few points because it does try to do a little too much. Still, fans of Southern Tier would be remiss if they didn’t give this one a go.

7. Red Hook “Out Of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter”

2014-10-05 14.11.34

Red Hook’s pumpkin offering brings with it a great pumpkin flavor, and gets high marks for being the only porter that we would define as easily drinkable. Choose the “Out Of Your Gourd” pumpkin porter is you’re looking for a strong pumpkin beer with little in the way of competing flavors. It only does one thing, but it does it quite well.

6. Harpoon “UFO Pumpkin”

2014-10-05 14.11.52

Harpoon’s “UFO Pumpkin” has a great pumpkin flavor that is very clearly unfiltered. Several of our tasters commented that this beer skirted the line of a wheat beers flavor profile, leading many to claim that it should be considered a “pumpkin hefeweizen”.